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Welcome To Pythona Studios!

Pythona Studios was founded on 4 May 2018 by Thomas Ewan Sykes and Daniel Back, The CEO of Pythona Studios is Thomas Ewan Sykes. Pythona Studios is a British media/entertainment company headquartered in Hampshire, UK. Which primarily focuses on the production and distribution of short films and web shows. It's known for Cookie Sykes Goes, which is now listed under Pythona Productions, a Pythona Studios subsidiary.

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Our Hosting Features

1-Click Softaculous Installer

Our software has a 1 Click app installer for Wordpress, Prestashop and more!

Optimized software

We optimize our software and systems to get the best performance possible.

Hourly/Daily backups

Our System conducts Hourly/daily backups.

We offer Worldwide Servers

We Currently only have server in United Kingdom and United States.


We protect our servers and suggest that you use Cloudflare for personal sites SSL Encryption.

Free support

We Offer Free Support during the week days, Here.

Meet our team

Thomas Ewan Sykes
Chief executive officer

Thomas Ewan Sykes (born August 10, 2005) (known simply as Tom Sykes) is an inspiring British writer, Developer, cinematographer, founder and CEO of Pythona Studios, best known for the Company, Pythona Studios.

Daniel Back
Head of Digital

Daniel Richard Todd Back (born 13 December 1999, known as Daniel Back) is a British musician, writer, director and producer. He is known for producing Cookie Sykes Goes, and his own web series, Daniel's Vlog, whilst releasing music under the name, Cueisdi.

Cookie Sykes
Actress Managed by Pythona studios

Cookie Sykes is a Shih-Tzu x Pug she was born on the 3rd of July 2013 she started acting for Cookie Sykes goes when Pythona Productions (at the time Pythona Studios) released “Cookie Sykes Goes to Scotland” Where she goes exploring the lovely pace that is Scotland. she is hoping to act in more shows and movies.

Lilah Sykes
Actress Managed by Pythona studios

Lilah Sykes is a White Coated Labrador-White Sheppard, born on 1 March 2020 in Romania. She was previously a rescue dog before making her acting debut in Cookie Sykes Goes: Cookie Sykes and Lilah's First Adventure , alongside Cookie Sykes. A spin-off has been announced, "Cookie and Lilah's Adventures", which will premiere exclusively on Pythona Studios' On Demand Network after Cookie Sykes Goes Season 5.